Sentence Examples with the word goblet

There is a small goblet (Pl.

He conferred with the other five, then left the chamber for a few moments, returning with a goblet and a knife.

The Goblet cabinet was unpopular from the outset, and it was with difficulty that anybody could be found to accept the ministry of foreign affairs, which was finally given to M.

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It may be added that an ancient gold goblet depicts the hunting and taming of the wild aurochs.

Damian's wine goblet was never empty during the day, and he always had well-cared-for boots and more fresh flowers in his room than Darian.

The present writer owes something to Goblet d'Alviella, Hibbert Lectures (Lond.

France was equally careless of Italian susceptibilities, and in April 1888 Goblet made a futile but irritating attempt to enforce at Massawa the Ottoman rgime of the capitulations in regard to non-Italian residents.

For some days Goblet took no definite decision, but left Flourens, who stood for peace, to fight it out with General Boulanger, then minister of war, who was for the despatch of an ultimatum.

In 7 parts, Paris, 1883); Goblet d'Alviella, Introd.

Calix, calicis, cup), a drinking-vessel of the cup or goblet form, now only used of the cup used in the celebration of the Eucharist.