Sentence Examples with the word goal

The Dark One that ruled Hell since the time-before-time had fallen to a ruthless demon lord whose goal had long been to take over the mortal realm.

I might wish to run a three-minute mile like a futuristic Olympian and consider my inability to do so a disability, but it simply may not be an attainable goal for me.

The characteristic tenet of orthodox Brahmanism consists in the conception of an absolute, all-embracing spirit, the Brahma (neutr.), being the one and only reality, itself un- Connexion conditioned, and the original cause and ultimate with goal of all individual souls (jiva, i.e.

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The pilgrim age with a predetermined goal was not recognized by the books of penance; but, in 1059, Peter Damiani imposed a pilgrimage to Rome or Tours on the clerics of Milan, whom he had absolved (Ada mediol.

Time was galloping by and now she was further from her goal than ever.

It required only a fraction of a second to be reminded that her original career goal would never be achieved.

In accordance with this principle he pointed out the goal of theology and the way to its attainment: the function of theology is to demonstrate dogmas sola ratione.

The goal is to integrate existing standards, rather than create new specifications.

In the same year he published Ober die Freiheit der Wissenschaft, in which he maintained the independence of science, whose goal was truth, against authority, and reproached the excessive respect for the latter in the Roman Church with the insignificant part played by the German Catholics in literature and philosophy.

Their goal had been to get rid of as many of the Others as possible and save Jessi, because Darian wasn't able to disable the dozens gathered at once.