Sentence Examples with the word go up

She took Joseph's gun along because she was afraid of bumping into a bear when she agreed to go up the mountain with Faust.

Let's say, to keep the math simple, they go up thirtyfold.

Fred offered to go up to Duckett's Market for boxes and give up closet space to temporarily store the large pile.

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I go up in a balloon, usually, to draw the crowds to the circus.

Below the surface of the field is the churras, or large leather bag, suspended to a rope passing over a pulley, and raised by a pair of bullocks which go up and down a slope as long as the depth of the well.

He was deeply impressed with the folly of such a project, and he was seized with a strong desire to go up to London and deliver his sentiments on the subject.

After a few months, which were spent in reorganizing the colonial forces, Gordon was requested to go up to Basutoland to try to arrange a settlement with the chief Masupha, one of the most powerful of the Basuto leaders.

His solemn expression made a chill go up her spine.

Steamers ply regularly in two directions from St Petersburg - to the monasteries of Konnevitz and Valamo, and to the mouth of the Svir, whence they go up that river to Lake Onega and Petrozavodsk; and small vessels transport timber, firewood, planks, iron, kaolin, granite, marble, fish, hay and various small wares from the northern shore to Schlusselburg, and thence to St Petersburg.

Still, by refusing to go up there with Brandon, she was standing between him and his parents.