Sentence Examples with the word go off

When disturbed they go off at a swift trot, which soon leaves all pursuit from a man on foot far behind; but if chased by a horseman they break into a gallop, which they can keep up for some distance.

Only after the public grew weary of this did printers go off in search of completely new books, called novels to mark their newness.

He'd never met the enigmatic deity, but he'd heard past-Death go off about this man after every interaction.

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I'll take the plunge and go off grid, I can do that stuff.

They let us go off by ourselves for the whole afternoon while they messed around.

At last, he emerged with his hat very much dented and crushed down over his eyes, and began creaking and limping about the room, as if, not being much accustomed to boots, his pair of damp, wrinkled cowhide ones--probably not made to order either--rather pinched and tormented him at the first go off of a bitter cold morning.

Scarcely a quarter of the soldiers remain with the standards of their regiments, the others go off by themselves in different directions hoping to find food and escape discipline.

Once there, each of us should go off alone for a few minutes and say or do something totally unique and not inform the others.