Sentence Examples with the word go down

I've got to go down to the buffalo shed.

I let them all go down in flames for how they treated you, she said.

If you will be so kind, I'll fix a time and go down to the estate just for a day, and leave my lassies with you.

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The next morning Carmen decided to go down to the house and mow the lawn in the cool of the day.

One day, when Destiny was with Grandma Reynolds and Jonathan was at staying with a friend, she decided to go down to the house before she went to the hospital.

We had these two big-ass suitcases in the trunk of the Caddy and we was to go down this highway 'til someone phoned us and told us what to do.

Men go down into the ground and dig out the coal, and steam-cars take it to the large cities, and sell it to people to burn, to make them warm and happy when it is cold out of doors.

You're supposed to go down to be measured in the morning.

And not till those seventy breaths are told, will he finally go down to stay out his full term below.

Assuming that she did go down to see him, Princess Mary imagined the words he would say to her and what she would say to him, and these words sometimes seemed undeservedly cold and then to mean too much.