Sentence Examples with the word go

However, looking over the whole field of North American achievement, architectural and non-architectural, composite and monolithic, the palm for boldness, magnitude of proportions and infinity of labour, must go to the sculptured mosaics of Yucatan.

This is to upset the compromise of Aquinas and go back to a Christian platonism.

Towards the end of October, Wallenstein, after devastating Saxony, was preparing to go into winter quarters at Liitzen, when the king surprised him as he was crossing the Rippach (1st of November) and a rearguard action favourable to the Swedes ensued.

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The Gurkhas, a brave and warlike little nation, failing to extend their conquests in the direction of China, had begun to encroach on territories held or protected by the East India Company; especially they had seized the districts of Batwal and Seoraj, in the northern part of Oudh, and when called upon to relinquish these, they deliberately elected (April 1814) to go to war rather than do so.

Never let go of that privacy or be lax with your security.

Well, if you want to go that bad, then go.

Death gets pissed when mortals go through the shadow world.

Eureka, however, was lighter than the Mangaboos, and while they could mount only about a hundred feet above the earth the kitten found she could go nearly two hundred feet.

He implored Rostov to go on and prepare her.

On these farms the cultivation of the soil and the rearing of stock go hand in hand, to the great advantage of both.