Sentence Examples with the word gnosis

According to the teaching of some Manichaeans, it was the primal man who disseminated the true gnosis in the character of Christ.

But these good spirits can only save men by imparting to them the true gnosis concerning nature and her forces, and by calling them away from the service of darkness and sensuality.

Das manichdische Religionssystem appeared in 1831, Apollonius von Tyana in 1832, Die christliche Gnosis in 1835, and Ober das Christliche im Platonismus oder Socrates and Christus in 1837.

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That is tp say, his gnosis neutralizes all that is empirical and historical, if not always as to its actuality, at least absolutely in respect of its value.

Undeniably Clement of Alexandria and Origen apply the language of the Greek mysteries to Christian gnosis and life.

Among the Barbelognostics (Irenaeus 29.3), the Primal Man (Adamas, homo perfectos et verus) and Gnosis appear as a pair of aeons, occupying a prominent place in the whole series.

More popular in style is his Gnosis oder prof.-evang.

Kepler, Uber Gnosis and altbabylonische Religion, a lecture delivered at the Congress of Orientalists (Berlin, 1881); A.

He evidently feels in a position to give his gnosis with some claim to a deferential hearing.

MANDAEANS, also known as Sabians, Nasoraeans, or St John's Christians,' an Oriental sect of great antiquity, interesting to the theologian as almost the only surviving example of a ' The first of these names (not Mendaeans or Mandaites) is that given by themselves, and means yvcvvTucot, followers of Gnosis (m, , 111e2, from ml.lxn, Hebr.