Sentence Examples with the word gnarled

You see some innocent fair shoots preparing to burst from his gnarled rind and try another year's life, tender and fresh as the youngest plant.

In diameter at the base, and gnarled twisted boughs, densely clothed at the extremities with glaucous green foliage, which contrasts strongly with the fiery red-brown bark.

They come back every couple of days, Mrs. Watson said and indicated the living room window with one gnarled hand.

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When standing in dense woods the trees are rather straight and formal in early growth, especially the sessile-fruited kinds, and the gnarled character traditionally assigned to the oak applies chiefly to its advanced age.

Now only a dent in the earth marks the site of these dwellings, with buried cellar stones, and strawberries, raspberries, thimble-berries, hazel-bushes, and sumachs growing in the sunny sward there; some pitch pine or gnarled oak occupies what was the chimney nook, and a sweet-scented black birch, perhaps, waves where the door-stone was.

The old material is yellow, brown or red; and its wavy surface often shows layers like the gnarled grain of costly woods.

While no one was in sight, Dean recognized the line, wrapped around a gnarled cedar, as the same color that had been stored at Bird Song.

Lightning stabbed a single brilliant gnarled finger at the earth.

There are men and women, too, all gnarled and bent out of shape.

It was already the beginning of June when on his return journey he drove into the birch forest where the gnarled old oak had made so strange and memorable an impression on him.