Sentence Examples with the word gluten

On cutting across a grain of rice and examining it under the microscope, first the flattened and dried cells of the husk are seen, and then one or two layers of cells elongated in a direction parallel to the length of the seed, which contain the gluten or nitrogenous matter.

This race was formerly used for malt and beer, but owing to its larger amount of gluten as compared with starch it is less adapted for brewing than the two-rowed sorts.

The remaining central mass of the seed is composed of numerous cells of irregular form and size containing many starch grains as well as gluten granules.

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In nitrogen than the com B, Cells containing aleuron or gluten mon and turgid wheats, so grains.

When deprived of the gluten it constitutes oswego, maizena or corn flour.

The outermost layer of the endosperm consists of square cells larger and more regular in form than those on each side; these contain aleuron grains - small particles of gluten or nitrogenous matter.

Germany, rye is the principal cereal; and in nutritive value, as measured by the amount of gluten it contains, it stands next to wheat, a fact which furnishes the explanation of its culture in N.