Sentence Examples with the word glue

Norwood's manufactories include printing-ink and glue factories, tanneries, an iron foundry, and the printing-presses and binderies of J.

I knew from the start we were a house of cards in a windstorm, but you were the glue that held us together.

Erith has large engineering and gun factories, and in the neighbourhood are gunpowder, oil, glue and manure works.

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Though the animals have an oral siphon, they do not carry ovisacs like the siphonostomous copepods, but glue their eggs in rows to extraneous objects.

Just as the glue was drying on the small wooden cross, a noise at the front door announced the arrival of the sisters from Boston.

The principal manufactures are in iron, leather and skins; there are glue works and fire-brick works.

For joiners' work, however, it is well adapted, and glue adheres strongly to it, though nails do not hold well.

There are several large tobacco factories, flour mills, boot factories, sugar refineries, tanneries, tallow works, meat-preserving, glue and kerosene-oil factories and soap works.

For use with wood which is exposed to moisture, as in the case of wooden cisterns, a mixture may be made of 4 parts of linseed oil boiled with litharge, and 8 parts of melted glue; other strong cements for the same purpose are prepared by softening gelatine in cold water and dissolving it by heat in linseed oil, or by mixing glue with one-fourth of its weight of turpentine, or with a little bichromate of potash.

The culture of such algae may prove of economic importance; gelatine, glue and agar-agar would be valuable by-products.