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Further research of the domain name handbook located a glossary of common terms which will explain any domain name jargon or technical terms.

His chief studies, however, were philological; and in 1829 he published An Etymological Glossary of English Words of Foreign Derivation.

Among the earlier publications of the academy were the Tudomdnytdr (Treasury of Sciences, 1834-1844), with its supplement Literatura; the KUlfoldi jdtPkszin (Foreign Theatres); the Magyar nyelv rendszere (System of the Hungarian language, 1846; 2nd ed., 1847); various dictionaries of scientific, mathematical, philosophical and legal terms; a Hungarian - German dictionary (1835-1838), and a Glossary of Provincialisms (1838).

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C. Atkinson in his Cleveland Glossary (1868).

A small glossary of some of the more common component words is appended below.

Borrow, The Bible in SpaIn (1st ed., London, 1843; with notes and glossary by Ulick R.

It was followed by two little volumes of similar character - English Past and Present (1855) and A Select Glossary of English Words (1859).

His Latin Grammar and Glossary 2 were written for his pupils after the two books of homilies.

Domesday Book; Liebermann, Glossary to the Gesetze der Angelsachsen, s.v.

A Glossary of Theosophical Terms (1890-1892) was compiled for the benefit of her disciples.