Sentence Examples with the word glaze

It's ham with a maple syrup and brown sugar glaze on it.

Though glaze begins so early, the use of the glassy matter by itself does not occur till the XVIIIth Dynasty; the earlier reputed examples are of stone or frit.

Glaze and Glass.From almost the beginning of the prehistoric age there are glazed pottery beads found in the graves: and glazing on amulets of quartz or other stones begins in the middle of the prehistoric. Apparently then glazing went together with the working of the copper ores, and probably accidental slags in the smelting gave the first idea of using glaze intentionally.

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There is evidence to show that the art of decoration with enamels over the glaze reached Kieto from Hizen in Awata.

The glossy surface of a porcelain glaze is ill fitted for rendering artistic effects with ordinary colors.

Such porcelains, however, lack the velvet-like softness and depth of tone so justly prized in the genuine monochrome, where the glaze itself contains the coloring matter, pte and glaze being tired simultaneously at the same high temperature.

Destined chiefly for private use or for presents, their decoration was delicate rather than rich, the color chiefly employed being brown, or reddish brown, under the glaze, and the decoration over the glaze being sparse and chaste.

One curious variety, called same-yaki, had glaze chagrined like the skin of a shark.

It can scarcely be doubted that the true instincts of the ceramist will ultimately counsel him to confine his decoration over the glaze to vitrifiable enamels, with which the Chinese and Japanese potters of former times obtained such brilliant results.

A vase of Menes with purple inlaid hieroglyphs in green glaze and the tiles with relief figures are the most important pieces.