Sentence Examples with the word gladiatorial

At a later time the festival extended over five days, the last four being chiefly occupied with gladiatorial shows - because Minerva was the goddess of war (Ovid, Fasti, iii.

Among contemporaries he passed for one of the most formidable polemical or gladiatorial rhetoricians; and a considerable section of his extant works are invectives.

The two volumes of his speeches, as edited by James Redpath, were fortunately made from verbatim reports, and they wisely enclose in parentheses those indications of favour or dissent from the audience which transformed so many of his speeches into exhibitions of gladiatorial skill.

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Inscriptions show that the inhabitants of Praeneste were especially fond of gladiatorial shows.

SPARTACUS, leader in the Slave or Gladiatorial War against Rome (73-7171 B.C.), a Thracian by birth.

The treasury was exhausted by lavish expenditure on gladiatorial and wild beast combats and on the soldiery, and the property of the wealthy was confiscated.

He advanced into Italy at the head of a licentious and ruffianly soldiery, and Rome became the scene of riot and massacre, gladiatorial shows and extravagant feasting.

In 106, the Roman Emperor Trajan celebrated his defeat over the Dacians by ordering 123 consecutive days of gladiatorial games in the Roman Coliseum.

In all the emperor was a prominent figure, but these revels at least involved no bloodshed, and were civilized compared with the gladiatorial shows.

The sale of slaves (male and female) for immoral and gladiatorial purposes was forbidden; the custom of putting all the household to death when their master was murdered was modified.