Sentence Examples with the word glad

Teacher told me about kind gentleman I shall be glad to read pretty story I do read stories in my book about tigers and lions and sheep.

My dear Mr. Brooks, I am very glad to write to you this beautiful day because you are my kind friend and I love you, and because I wish to know many things.

In this war Artaxerxes is said to have distinguished himself personally (380 B.C.), but got into such difficulties in the wild country that he was glad when Tiribazus succeeded in concluding a peace with the Cadusian chieftains.

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You will be glad to hear that the books from England are coming now.

He turned and returned to the hospital, as if glad to be rid of me.

I'm glad to see Parkside is looking out for its citizens, regardless of the hour and whether they deserve it or not.

Indeed, the dinner was no sooner finished than in rushed the Scarecrow, to hug Dorothy in his padded arms and tell her how glad he was to see her again.

Describe in verse this glad and glorious feast.

Now I'm very glad, very glad indeed, that my brother has distinguished himself so.

The boys wore long hair and striped sweaters and yelled their college yell every other step they took, to the great satisfaction of the populace, which was glad to have this evidence that their lungs were in good condition.