Sentence Examples with the word glacier

A way was found to the summit of the Plateau by the Axel Heiberg glacier which was negotiated by the dogs with much difficulty.

The highest point in the Julian Alps is formed by the three sugar-loaf peaks of the Triglav or Terglou (9394 ft.), which offers one of the finest views in the whole of the Alps, and which bears on its northern declivity the only glacier in the province.

Griinhornlucke (Great Aletsch Glacier to the Fiescher Glacier), snow.

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Passo di Lares (Lares Glacier to the Lobbia Glacier), snow.

Near its margin the surface of the inland ice is broken up by numerous large crevasses, formed by the outward motion of the glacier covering the underlying land.

In the Eastern Alps the longest glacier is the Pasterze (rather over 64 m.), which is not near the true main watershed, though it clings to the slope of the Greater Tauern range, east of the Dreiherrenspitze.

South of Rovereto is the village of Marco, near which are certain natural remains (either those of a landslip that occurred in 883, or of a glacier moraine) believed to have been described by Dante (Inf.

The party of 12 pushed on up the Beardmore glacier with three man-hauled sledges, and after leaving a depot in the middle of the glacier, reached the Plateau at 8,000 ft.

We may compare this with extreme alpine conditions: on a spot above the Aletsch glacier at a height of 10,700 ft.

The Tasman glacier is 18 m.