Sentence Examples with the word gizzard

A, malleate, with crop: this is followed enlarged view of malleus above - the by the crop-gizzard, Y-shaped incus consists of a short median also ciliated except fulcrum bearing two large rami, each of behind, where it is which is in contact with a stout malleus hardened into a set consisting of a toothed uncus carried on a of articulated sclerites long manubrium; b, sub-malleate, with (trophi) to form the enlarged view of malleus - the manubria gizzard or mastax.

C, Crop (the gizzard below it).

The mouth opens at the tip of the retractile proboscis; it leads into a short thin-walled tube which opens into an oval muscular gizzard lined with a thick cuticle; at the posterior end of this are some minute glands and then follows a large stomach slightly sacculated in each segment, this tapers through the rectum to the terminal anus.

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The alimentary canal is simple and a gizzard or oesophageal diverticula rarely developed.

A gizzard is present in a few forms. The buccal cavity is sometimes armed with jaws.

Canal sometimes with protrusible proboscis; never with gizzard or oesophageal glands; intestine with caeca as a rule.

The gizzard of various birds which are addicted to eating hairy caterpillars, e.g.