Sentence Examples with the word giving up

Works of art of all kinds and the implements of a craftsman giving up his work were likewise dedicated.

She really didn't want to leave the comfort of his arms, but remaining meant giving up something she wasn't willing to do.

I felt like a POW giving up military secrets.

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In April the friends heard of the second and final overthrow of Ludovico it Moro, and at that news, giving up all idea of a return to Milan, moved on to Florence, which they found depressed both by internal troubles and by the protraction of the indecisive and inglorious war with Pisa.

He thought about giving up and going back to Freckles, however, he felt much too intrigued with Gams.

The population had not been consulted as to the declaration of war, and their opinion was no more listened to now; but by giving up the cooperation of Parliament the prime minister at the same time abdicated his power in favour of the military authorities.

I speculated out loud about giving up my job.

Maybe Alex was simply burned out on raising children after giving up so much for Katie - only to have her run away.

The fine of a murderer could free themselves from liability by giving up the murderer and his goods, or if he escaped, by giving up any goods he had left, depriving him of clanship, and lodging a pledge against his future misdeeds.

Bordeaux wasn't giving up easily.