Sentence Examples with the word gist

C. i.); but the gist of his speech was the need of Jerusalem.

He remembered how carefully and at what length everything relating to form and procedure was discussed at those meetings, and how sedulously and promptly all that related to the gist of the business was evaded.

In this place it must suffice to indicate the gist of the more recent developments of the electro-optical theory, which involve the dynamical verification of Fresnel's hypothesis regarding optical convection and the other relations above described.

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He made several speeches in the country in this year and the next, of which the gist was that British trade policy must be relative to circumstances, which had wholly changed from what they were in Cobden's time.

They sent a copy of their old creed to Babken, and it closely resembles the Adoptianist creed of Archelaus, the gist of which was that Jesus, until his thirtieth year, was a man mortal like other men; then, because he was righteous above all others, he was promoted to the honour and name of Son of God.

The older one contains still a good deal of prose, the gist of it being often repeated in the verses.

In reviewing an incident so important in the history of the Transvaal as the appointment of the Potchefstroom assembly it is of interest to note the gist of the complaint among the Boers which led to this revolution in the government of the country as it had previously existed.

The gist public astonishment, when the case came on for trial there was no defence, and on the 17th of November 1890 a decree nisi was granted.

Thus the noun is used for a summary, compendium or epitome of a larger work, the gist of which is given in a concentrated form.

In that year they were lost; and the legists tell us that they are attempting to reconstruct par oir dire the gist of the lost archetype.