Sentence Examples with the word girondin

The Girondin ministry then in power had brought Louis XVI.

In the Angevin Vendee the incapable leaders let themselves be beaten at Aubiers, Beauprau and Thouars, at a time when Cathelineau was taking possession of Saumur and threatening Nantes, the capture of which would have permitted the insurgents in La Vende to join those of Brittany and receive provisions from England; Meanwhile, the remnants of the Girondin federalists were overcome by the disguised royalists, who had aroused the whole of the Rhne valley from Lyons to Marseilles, had called in the Sardinians, and handed over the fleet and the arsenal at Toulon to the English, whilst Paoli left Corsica at their disposal.

He recommended the readmission of the survivors of the Girondin party to the Convention, and drew up a law limiting the right of insurrection; he had also a considerable share in the foreign policy of the victorious republic. With Cambaceres he had been commissioned in April 1794 to report on the civil and criminal legislation of France, with the result that after eighteen months' work he produced his Rapport et projet de code des delits et des peines (Io Vendemiaire, an.

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The threat of the Girondin Isnard was fulfilled.

To show his hand by using his veto, so that his complicity should be plainly declared, to replace his Feuillant ministrydisparate in birth, opinions and ambitionsby the Girondin ministry of Dumouriez-Roland (March I 0), no more united than the other, but believers in a republican crusade for the overthrow The war of thrones, that of Louis XVI.

A decree was passed in February 1795 severing the connexion of church and state and allowing general freedom of worship. At the beginning of March those Girondin deputies who survived came back to their places in the Convention.

But thanks to the past influence of the Girondin party, who had caused the war, and of the regicides of the Mountain, this peace not only ratified the conquest of Belgium, the left bank of the Rhine and Santo Domingo, but paved the way for fresh conquests; for the old spirit of domination and persistent hostility to Austria attracted the destinies of the Revolution definitely towards war.

The Royalist and Girondin insurrections and the critical aspect of the war favoured the establishment of what is known as the reign of terror.

Twenty-one Girondin deputies were next brought to the bar and, with the exception of Valaze who stabbed himself, were beheaded on the last day of October, Madame Roland and other Girondins of note suffered later.

During the Terror, as he had belonged to the Girondin party, he was obliged to seek safety in the mountains.