Sentence Examples with the word gironde

Whilst the insurrection in La Vende was spreading, and Dumouriez falling back upon Neerwinden, sentence of death was laid upon migrs and refractory priests; the treachery of Dumouriez, disappointed in his Belgian projects, gave grounds First corn- for all kinds of suspicion, as that of Mirabeau had mittee ot formerly done, and led the Gironde to propose the public new government which they had refused to Danton.

In the name of this committee he was charged with the drawing up of reports to the Convention upon the absorbing themes of the overthrow of the party of the Gironde (report of the 8th of July 1793), of the Herbertists, and finally, of that denunciation of Danton which consigned him and his followers to the guillotine.

The dominant group among these was that of the Girondins or Girondists, so called because its most brilliant members had been elected in the Gironde (see GIRONDISTS).

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To avert the danger threatened by popular dissatisfaction, the Gironde was persuaded to vote for the creation of a revolutionary tribunal to judge suspects, while out of spite against Danton who demanded it, they refused the strong government which might have made a stand against the enemy (March 10, 1793).

After the revolution he was deputy for the Gironde to the Constituent Assembly, and in 1849 to the Legislative Assembly, where he was one of the leaders of the Right until the coup d'etat on the 2nd of December 1851 drove him from public life.

In this respect the famous Bordeaux or Gironde district is, perhaps, more fortunate than any other part of the world.

The most important subdivision of the Gironde district is that of the Medoc. It is here that the wine which is known to us as claret is produced in greatest excellence and variety.

On the Puy-de-Sancy, a mountain of the department of Puy-de-Dome, and flowing to the Garonne with which it unites at Bec d'Ambes to form the Gironde estuary.

The annual output of the Gironde during the last few years has been roughly 70 to 100 million gallons.

The success of the brochure, so terrible as to send the leaders of the Gironde to the guillotine, alarmed Danton and the author.