Sentence Examples with the word girard

An important generalization of the conic sections was developed about the beginning of the 17th century by Girard Desargues and Blaise Pascal.

The word may have some connexion with a corruption of Visigoth, a suggestion to which the use in the Girard romance lends colour.

In February 1844 he argued the Girard Will Case before the United States Supreme Court.

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Scheler (Brussels, 1874); Charlemagne, by Girard d'Amiens, detailed analysis in Paris, Hist.

Vandamme and Girard attacked S.

In 1893 Girard and Street patented a furnace and a process by which this transformation could be effected.

He prepared a new edition of the monk Theophilus's celebrated treatise, Diversarum artium schedula, and for several years devoted his Saturday mornings to laboratory research with the chemist Aline Girard at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers, the results of which were utilized by Marcellin Berthelot in the first volume (1894) of his Chimie au moyen dge.

For the trustees of what in 1848 was to become Girard College, but had not yet been opened, he spent the years 1836-1838 in Europe, in order to e::amine their systems of education, and on his return published a very valuable report.

With them the main building of Girard College and the United States Naval Asylum were erected and the long rows of red-brick residences were trimmed.

The origin is obscure; it appears in French, in the forms bigot or bigos, in the 12th century romance of Girard of Roussillon, where it is applied to certain tribes of southern Gaul, and in the Roman du Rou of Wace (d.