Sentence Examples with the word gipsy

Under the Turks, gold-washing was carried on by gipsy slaves, but it has long been abandoned as unprofitable.

It is impossible to estimate the influence of the elder conquerors, Greek, Carthaginian and Roman; but there are clear traces of Moorish blood, with a less well-defined Jewish and gipsy strain.

To exterminate the gipsy moth (Ocneria, or more exactly Porthetria,.

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They are often admirable artisans and musicians, almost every town possessing a gipsy band.

The gipsy community was bound to bring fifteen pounds weight of gold from the washings of the Argesh.

There are also Bhil (120,000) and Gipsy (30,000) dialects.

There was a considerable gipsy population, almost every boiar having several Zingar families in his possession; these were mostly smiths.

Ottoman Turks, scattered gipsy communities, German settlers in north Palestine, and all sorts of Europeans make up a heterogeneous and incompatible population.

Upon the slopes of the citadel hill there is a gipsy quarter.

A number of satirical folk-tales (largely of Turkish origin) are current at the expense of Jew, gipsy or parish priest.