Sentence Examples with the word gingerly

She gingerly picked the grizzly trophy up from the barn floor and tossed it in the trash bucket.

Dean smiled as the two walked away and then gingerly mounted his bike, renewing a few aches and minor pains.

Turned on and starving, she gingerly crawled across the bed and settled beside him on her belly, pausing guiltily before lapping up the bubbles of blood.

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She moved past him and gingerly felt behind the stove until her fingers closed around the shaker.

He quickened his step and his breath came in spurts as he gingerly climbed the stairs toward their rooms.

Megan gingerly accepted the tool, gripping the smooth wooden handle with both hands.

Dean gingerly checked the pant's pockets but they were empty.

Ginger-jub! you gingerly rascal! take that! and run along with ye to the lockers, and get something better.

She rifled gingerly through the boxes, afraid of uncovering a stash of tarantula cats.

She gingerly untangled herself from some thorny vines and tried to stand.