Sentence Examples with the word gin

One complained of a bad cold in his head, upon which Jonah mixed him a pitch-like potion of gin and molasses, which he swore was a sovereign cure for all colds and catarrhs whatsoever, never mind of how long standing, or whether caught off the coast of Labrador, or on the weather side of an ice-island.

The machine which will gin the largest quantity in the shortest time is naturally preferred, unless such injury is, occasioned as materially to diminish the market value of the cotton.

Now, however, ginning is a distinct business, and one gin willserve on an average about thirty farmers.

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Dean dusted off a Christmas present bottle of VO with thoughts of re-igniting the glow from Ethel's gin and chasing away the gloom of the empty house but one sip and he re-capped the jug, deciding it wasn't a good idea.

A hand Macarthy roller gin worked by two men will clean about 4 to 6 lb of lint per hour.

Even though this allowed cotton prices to plummet and demand for cotton to increase, some of those fifty people got laid off, no doubt shaking their fists at the infernal gin as they stormed off the property.

Something about spending his gin rummy winnings.

Three slugs of gin later he managed to get away, just as the desk was beginning to look appealing.

The city has two oil refineries, a large cottonj gin and a cotton compress, and among its manufactures are cotton-seed oil, cotton-cloth, flour and ice.

The cotton gin example is the same as if Chad were replaced by a gin.