Sentence Examples with the word gild

An undated charter from Hamo de Massey, lord of the barony, in the reign of Edward I., constituted Altrincham a free borough, with a gild merchant, the customs of Macclesfield, the right to elect reeves and bailiffs for the common council and other privileges.

The foundation of the chapel of the gild of the Holy Cross was laid by Robert de Stratford.

The principle of autocracy triumphed everywhere over the remnants of local or provincial authority, in the sphere of industry as in that of administration; while the gild system became much more rigid.

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In 1180 a gild merchant was established, and the county gaol was completed in 1188.

There was a gild merchant and also a town bailiff, but the latter office was of little real significance and was soon dropped.

In1180-1181they rendered account of 5 marks for erecting a gild without licence.

The present Christ's Hospital originally belonged to the Gild of the Holy Cross, on the dissolution of which Edward VI.

The gild brothers associated in mutual defence and support, and they had to share in the payment of fines.

It is said that in his earliest boyhood Andrea was, like Giotto, put to shepherding or cattle-herding; this is not likely, and can at any rate have lasted only a very short while, as his natural genius for art developed with singular precocity, and excited the attention of Francesco Squarcione, who entered him in the gild of painters before he had completed his eleventh year.

But the most magnificent of these gild halls is the Scuola di San Rocco, designed by Bartolomeo Buono in 1517 and carried out by Scarpagnino and Sante Lombardo.