Sentence Examples with the word gibbon

In his Memoir, indeed, Gibbon denies that he had ever enlisted with the Whigs.

The militia was disbanded in 1762, and Gibbon joyfully shook off his bonds; but his literary projects were still to be postponed.

The flavour of these chapters is due to the irony which Gibbon has employed with consummate art and felicity.

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Adolf, Latinized as Adolphus, the form used by Gibbon for the subject of this article), king of the Goths (d.

But while there are foreshadowings of the evolutionary theory in this work, neither the philosophe historians nor Hume nor Gibbon arrived at a constructive principle in history which could take the place of the Providence they rejected.

In regard to the attitude of the Roman government towards the Christian religion, there are questions still sub judice; but Gibbon had the merit of reducing the number of martyrs within probable limits.

Irving had a library, in which Carlyle devoured Gibbon and much French literature, and they made various excursions together.

This forgery was accepted as genuine by a well-known antiquary of the 18th century, Dr William Stukeley, and under the sanction of his authority continued for a long time to be regarded in the same light by numerous scholars and antiquaries, including Gibbon and Lingard.

There, too, were Gibbon the greatest historian and Sir William Jones the greatest linguist of the age.

His character has been drawn with graphic fidelity by Gibbon in the 23rd chapter of the Decline and Fall; but the theory, accepted by Gibbon, which identifies him with the patron saint of England is now rejected (see George, Saint).