Sentence Examples with the word ghetto

But the age of the ghetto (q.v.) had set in too firmly for immediate amelioration to be possible.

The consequences of this blow were momentous; it may be said to inaugurate the ghetto period.

Some ghettos (as in Moravia) were actually not founded till the 18th century, but the careful observer can perceive clearly that at that period the ghetto was a doomed institution.

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Severe ghetto laws led many of the Jews to emigrate.

But, excluded though they were from most trades and occupations, confined to special quarters of the city, disabled from sharing most of the amenities of life, the Jews nevertheless were gradually making their escape from the ghetto and from the moral degeneration which it had caused.

Close to the town hall is the Joseph-Stadt, the ancient ghetto of Prague.

Born in the ghetto of Dessau, he was not of the ghetto.