Sentence Examples with the word gg

Were even less successful in maintaining their supremacy in Adrian IV., lutel sustained the struggle, the latter for nearly Y gg Y Rome.

The hoist-engineer in the house F at the foot of the furnace, when informed by means of an indicator that the bucket has arrived at the top, lowers it so that its flanges GG (fig.

Through G, the centre of gravity of the rod, draw Gg parallel to the line of stroke, thus dividing the image at g in the proportion that the connecting rod is divided by G.

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The gg Y divergent interests of the various colonies threatened indeed a tariff and railway war when the Customs Convention (provisionally renewed in March 1906) should expire in 1908.

V the matter of language, e and this caused the struggle g g g g, gg of nationalities to assume the first place in Austrian public life - a place which it has ever since maintained.