Sentence Examples with the word get used to

You'll get used to it.

At first the family felt some constraint in intercourse with Prince Andrew; he seemed a man from another world, and for a long time Natasha trained the family to get used to him, proudly assuring them all that he only appeared to be different, but was really just like all of them, and that she was not afraid of him and no one else ought to be.

I'll just have to get used to being idle.

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I guess I have to get used to the idea now.

She doubted she'd ever get used to his towering size or strength.

You get used to knowing the different types of hardness and thickness.

I s'pose you are goin' a-whalin', so you'd better get used to that sort of thing.

Once she was apprised of his current status, she found it was very easy to get used to the problem.