Sentence Examples with the word get it

If she had an ounce of courage, she'd tell him now and get it over with.

Saw a live tree, and you don't get this dust; amputate a live bone, and you don't get it (SNEEZES).

If the old man was going to sulk, Dean thought, might as well get it out in the open and allow him to vent a little steam.

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It was difficult to remember step by step but I didn't want to get it wrong.

P.S.--I didn't finish my letter in time to get it posted last night; so I shall add a line.

You see, we were going away, so he would get it all; wasn't it so, your excellency? and again Timokhin turned to the prince.

As, in this matter, the behaviour of the authorities of the French Academy in Rome had been dictated by the tradition of subservience to authority, he used his influence to get it suppressed.

Let's pull this relationship out of the ditch and get it back on the road.

At length he would reach the corn, and selecting a suitable ear, frisk about in the same uncertain trigonometrical way to the topmost stick of my wood-pile, before my window, where he looked me in the face, and there sit for hours, supplying himself with a new ear from time to time, nibbling at first voraciously and throwing the half-naked cobs about; till at length he grew more dainty still and played with his food, tasting only the inside of the kernel, and the ear, which was held balanced over the stick by one paw, slipped from his careless grasp and fell to the ground, when he would look over at it with a ludicrous expression of uncertainty, as if suspecting that it had life, with a mind not made up whether to get it again, or a new one, or be off; now thinking of corn, then listening to hear what was in the wind.

If you pry it up, so as to get it overhead, and expose its rows of teeth, it seems a terrific portcullis; and such, alas! it proves to many a poor wight in the fishery, upon whom these spikes fall with impaling force.