Sentence Examples with the word get in

I blew apart the last thug that tried to get in here.

Now both of you get in here before we make a scene that gets us all thrown out.

This sermon was better than most, but I really dig the rowdy stomping ones you get in the black churches.

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By N., io knots, to get in touch with the enemy.

She devoted herself to her dolls the first evening, and when it was bedtime she undressed very quietly, but when she felt me get into bed with her, she jumped out on the other side, and nothing that I could do would induce her to get in again.

After I managed to get in I fished around for a light switch and found they didn't work.

Right. Now someone seems to be trying to discourage us from finding the identity of the bones, who caused them to become bones, and how they happened to get in the Lucky Pup mine.

I need it when I get in the high country.

The ice climbers decided to get in a quick climb and blame their delay returning home on the cops.

In fact, the four quarters of the moon supply an obvious division of the month; and, wherever new moon and full moon are religious occasions, we get in the most natural way a sacred cycle of fourteen or 1 See, further, E.