Sentence Examples with the word get

Lisa started for her room to get a book to read and paused in the hallway to look at a photograph again.

We must get up early tomorrow and make plans for the party.

Only so far as we can get away from the modern view that a person's name is a trifling accident, and breathe the atmosphere which broods over ancient religions, can we understand the use of the name in baptisms, exorcisms, prayers, purifications and consecrations.

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C'mon. Let's at least get you dried off.

You'll get tips from us and follow up on them the same as any tips.

Make a call to Jasmine in Latin America and see what we can get from them.

Beyond this we often find the calefactorium or day-room - an apartment warmed by flues beneath the pavement, where the brethren, half frozen during the night offices, betook themselves after the conclusion of lauds, to gain a little warmth, grease their sandals and get themselves ready for the work of the day.

Hence the attempt of the political bishops to get Wycliffe condemned as a heretic became inextricably mixed with the attempt of the constitutional party, to which the bishops belonged, to evict the duke from his position of first councillor to the king and director of the policy of the realm.

Whatever she didn't get done today would have to be done by a hired crew later.

This was the nearest approach I could get to Harvard and to the fulfillment of my childish declaration.