Sentence Examples with the word gestation

The period of gestation is thirteen months, that is to say, the ova pass into the oviducts about one month before the young of the preceding year are born.

The gestation period for a horse is eleven months, so this can't be Ed's foal.

According to the weight of authority in the United States abortion was not regarded as a punishable offence at common law, if the abortion was produced with the consent of the mother prior to the time when she became quick with child; but the Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania and North Carolina held it a crime at common law, which might be committed as soon as gestation had begun (Mills v.

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The period of gestation is eleven months.

In the case of the great grey kangaroo, for instance, the period of gestation is less than forty days, and the newly-born embryo, which is blind, naked, and unable to use its bud-like limbs, is little more than an inch in length.

Exact information in regard to the period of gestation of the female is still lacking, the length of the period being given from eighteen to twenty-two months by different authorities.

The period of gestation is sixteen weeks.

The pairing time of the squirrel is from February to April; and after a period of gestation of about thirty days the female brings forth from three to nine young.

The period of gestation of a ewe is between 21 and 22 weeks, and the period of oestrum 24 hours.

The period of gestation is twenty weeks, when the female, beneath the shelter generally of a projecting rock, produces one and sometimes two young.