Sentence Examples with the word gesner

But to him and to Gesner is due the credit of having formed, by discipline and by example, philologists greater than themselves, and of having kindled the national enthusiasm for ancient learning.

The earliest published description seems to be that of Gesner in 1 555 (Orn.

To Turner's name, repeated by Gesner and other authors, we owe the introduction by Linnaeus of Sterna into scientific nomenclature.

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Muller (1903); the best annotated editions are those of Gesner and Schaefer (1805) and G.

In 1560 C. Gesner (Icones avium, p. 130) gave a far better figure (though ' Commonly believed to be so called from its cry; but Skeat (Proc. Philolog.

The most prominent name between that of Gesner and Linnaeus in the history of systematic zoology is that of John Ray (1628-1705).

The best collection is by C. Horstmann, Yorkshire Writers: Richard Rolle of Hampole; An English Father of the Church and his Followers ' Gesner in 1 555 said that the bird was thus called, and for this reason, near Strassburg, but the name seems not to be generally used in Germany, where the bird is commonly called Rake, apparently from its harsh note.

In 1555 both sexes were characteristically figured by Belon (Oyseaux, p. 249), as was the cock by Gesner in the same year, and these are the earliest representations of the bird known to exist.

In the same year Johann Gesner (1709-1790) set forth the theory of a great period of time, which he estimated at 80,000 years, for the elevation of the shell-bearing levels of the Apennines to their present height above the sea.

Jean Gesner (1709-1790), a Swiss physician and botanist, states that at the end of the 18th century there were 1600 botanic gardens in Europe.