Sentence Examples with the word gesellschaft

The system has already been put into practice in Germany by the Gesellschaft fur drahtlose Telegraphie, and in the United States by R.

A lamentable instance of the prevalent confusion of thought on this point is shown by the vocal scores of the Bach cantatas corresponding to the edition of the Bach Gesellschaft (which must not be held responsible for them).

The Gesellschaft was established in 1819, and, the editorial work having been entrusted to G.

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Drygalski, Gronland-Expedition der Gesellschaft fitr Erdkunde zu Berlin, 1891-1893 (2 vols., Berlin, 1897).

Hardy has discussed in the Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenlaindischen Gesellschaft (1897), pp. 105-127, all that is known about him.

When Pertz resigned his editorial position in 1874 and the Gesellschaft was dissolved, twenty-four folio volumes had been published.

Schdnfeld was a member of the Astronomische Gesellschaft from its foundation in 1863, being a member of Council up to 1869, and in 1875 becoming editor of its publications and secretary in conjunction with Winnecke.

Educated at the universities of Heidelberg and Gottingen, he showed an interest in art and visited Italy; but returning to Frankfort he turned his attention to the study of history, and became secretary of the Gesellschaft fib' dltere deutsche Geschichtskunde.

See also the publications of the Gesellschaft fir pommersche Geschichte and Altertumskunde.

It owes its origin mainly to the efforts of the statesman Stein, who was responsible for the foundation of the Gesellschaft fr dltere deutsche Geschichtskunde, under the auspices of which the work was begun.