Sentence Examples with the word germination

To take an example, Lemanea and Batrachospermum are Florideae which bear densely-whorled branches, but which, on the germination of the carpospore, give rise to a laxly-filamentous, somewhat irregularly-branched plant, from which the ordinary sexual plants arise at a later stage.

Forms with septate thallus, and reproduction by chlamydospores which on germination produce sporidia; sexuality doubtful.

G ', g 2, g3, early stages in the germination of the spores (after being dried several days); h2, i, k, 1 and m, successive stages in the germination of the spore.

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Sicily was a favourite haunt of the two 1 Some, however, regard Proserpina as a native Latin form, not borrowed from the Greek, and connected with proserpere, meaning the goddess who aided the germination of the seed.

Exalbuminous Dicotyledons usually store reserve-food in their cotyledons, which may in germination remain below ground (hypogeal).

The tuft of hairs at the base facilitates rapid dispersion of the seed, early germination of which is rendered desirable owing to its tenuity.

The microspores on germination produce a small, greatly reduced male prothallus bearing one or two antheridia which give rise to a number of spirally coiled, multiciliate spermatozoids.

Miss Nichols fi -ids that it occurs very soon after the germination of the spore in Cc sinus, but no fusion of cells or migration of nuclei was to be observed.

The last measure prevents the germination of the spores of the fungus on the leaves, and is a most useful mode of checking the spread of the disease; to be successful in its use, however, entails care in the preparation of the spray and thoroughness in its application.

The conditions for germination are much the same as for growth in general.