Sentence Examples with the word germany

In Italy Bernardino of Siena on the scholastic side, Robert of Lecce and Gabriel Barletta on the popular, are the chief names; in Germany these phases are represented by John Gritsch and John Geiler of Kaiserburg respectively.

Structing a new Germany out of states, several of which, and those the most powerful, were largely composed of non-German elements, was sure to lead to international complications; moreover, the military power of the monarchies had only been temporarily paralysed, not destroyed.

Between 1910 and 1914 chief interest in Angola centred in a very different scheme - the efforts of Germany to include the province in her economic and, ultimately, her political sphere.

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Under their protection, and favoured by its site, the city rapidly grew in wealth and population, the zenith of its power and prosperity being reached between the 13th and 15th centuries, when it was the emporium of the trade of Germany and the Low Countries, the centre of a great cloth industry, and could put some 20,000 armed citizens into the field.

Under the harsh tyranny of Spain, Italy was now nothing but a lifeless corpse; young vigorous Germany was better worth saving.

Besides the numerous steam-ferries which connect island and island, and Jutland with the islands, and the Gjedser-Warnemiinde route, a favourite passenger line from Germany is that between Kiel and KorsOr, while most of the German Baltic ports have direct connexion with Copenhagen.

There are in England a number of vegetarian restaurants and boardinghouses, one hospital and one or two sanatoria, In Germany and America there are many institutions where flesh is only prescribed in special cases.

To his protection it was due that the weak beginnings of constitutional freedom in Germany were able for a while to defy the hatred of Austria.

Of Germany became, in 1194, heiress of Sicily and Malta; she was the last of the Norman dynasty.

He almost immediately, however, returned to Germany and, throwing himself into the political fray in Berlin, was elected mamber for Freienwalde, in the first German parliament at Frankfort-on-Main.