Sentence Examples with the word gerbert

The same historian tells us that Gerbert borrowed from the Arabs (Saraceni) the abacus with ciphers (see Numerals).

In June 991, at the instance of the king, the French bishops deposed Arnulf and elected Gerbert in his stead, a proceeding which was displeasing to the pope, who excom municated the new archbishop and his partisans.

The new prelate took the oath of fealty to Hugh Capet and persuaded Gerbert to remain with him.

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As a prince of the Empire Gerbert was devoted to the interests of the house of Austria; as a Benedictine abbot he was opposed to Joseph II.'s church policy.

MARTIN GERBERT (1720-1793), German theologian, historian and writer on music, belonged to the noble family of Gerbert von Hornau, and was born at Horb on the Neckar, Wurttemberg, on the 12th (or 11th or 13th) of August 1720.

So remarkable a character as that of Gerbert left its mark on the age, and fables soon began to cluster round his name.

Such was the power of Adalbero and Gerbert in those days that it was said their influence alone sufficed to make and unmake kings.

It must, however, be remarked that the genuineness of this letter, in which Gerbert to some extent foreshadows the temporal claims of Hildebrand and Innocent III., has been hotly contested, and that the original document has long been lost.

In return for his services Gerbert was elected to succeed the deposed bishop.

Rome is indeed to be honoured as the mother of the churches; nor would Gerbert oppose her judgments except in two cases - (I) where she enjoins something that is contrary to the decrees of a universal council, such as that of Nice, or (2) where, after having been once appealed to in a matter of ecclesiastical discipline and having refused to give a plain and speedy decision, she should, at a later date, attempt to call in question the provisions of the metropolitan synod called to remedy the effects of her negligence.