Sentence Examples with the word georgia

Stevens's History of Georgia to 1798 (2 vols., Philadelphia, 1847-1859) and C. C. Jones, jun., History of Georgia (2 vols., Boston, 1883) for the Colonial and Revolutionary periods; C. H.

Avery's History of Georgia from 185cr to 1881 (New York, 1881), which is marred by prejudice but contains material of value.

They appropriated the territory up to the Kur and the Aras, and roamed at large through Iberia, Georgia and Armenia.

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Milledgeville was founded in 1803, and was named in honour of John Milledge (1757-1818), a representative in Congress in1792-1793and 1795-1802, governor of Georgia in 1802-1806, a United States senator in 1806-1809, and a benefactor of the state university.

Augusta was the home of the inventor, William Longstreet (1759-1814), who as early as 1788 received a patent from the state of Georgia for a steamboat, but met with no practical success until 1808; as early as 1801 he had made experiments in the application of steam to cotton gins and saw-mills at Augusta.

Bauxite was produced on a commercial scale in four states in 1908: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee; Arkansas pro- Other ducingas for years pastmore than six-tenths of the total product of the country.

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Under English rule there was an extensive immigration into this region from England, Ireland, Georgia and South Carolina.

The Blue Ridge escarpment, a striking topographic feature in Virginia and the Carolinas, extends into Georgia along the north-eastern border of this belt, but is less strongly developed here than elsewhere, dying out entirely towards the south-west.

The site of Jacksonville was called Cow Ford (a version of the Indian name, Wacca Pilatka), from the excellent ford of the St John's River, over which went the King's Road, a highway built by the English from St Augustine to the Georgia line.