Sentence Examples with the word geologist

In 1820 he accompanied General Lewis Cass as geologist in his expedition to the Upper Mississippi and the Lake Superior copper region, and in 1823 he was appointed Indian agent for the Lake Superior country.

The geologist and the trained archaeologist are associated.

He graduated from Oberlin College in 1850 and from the Albany Medical College in 1853, where he attracted the notice of Professor James Hall, state geologist of New York, through whose influence he was induced to join in an exploration of Nebraska.

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Far away from their present shores the geologist finds Desiccation.

Among the more important periodicals are the Bulletin of the Geological Society of America (Rochester, N.Y., 1889 seq.); the American Journal of Science (New Haven, Conn., 1818 seq.); the American Geologist (Minneapolis, i888 seq.); Journal of Geology (Chicago, 1893 seq.); Economic Geology (Lancaster, Pa., 1905 seq.).

JOSEPH GEORGE CUMMING (1812-1868), English geologist and archaeologist, was born at Matlock in Derbyshire on the 15th of February 1812.

It may appear absurd to a geologist that any one could mistake a Cretaceous flora for one of Miocene date, since the marine animals are completely different and the differences are striking.

The Italian geologist Soldani distinguished (1758) between the fossil fauna of the deep sea and of the shore-lines.

His brother, Charles Joseph Sainteclaire Deville (1814-1876), geologist and meteorologist, was born in St Thomas on the 26th of February 1814.

As a stratigraphical geologist he rendered much assistance on the Geological Survey of France, but in the course of time he gave his special attention to the study of volcanic phenomena and earthquakes, to minerals and rocks; and he was the first to introduce modern petrographical methods into France.