Sentence Examples with the word geographically

The peninsula of Sinai, geographically part of Asia, is thus included in the Egyptian dominions.

On the continent of Europe the largest oil-trading centres are on the Mediterranean (Marseilles and Triest), which are geographically more favourably placed than England for the production of such edible oils (in addition to the home-grown olive oil) as arachis oil, sesame oil and coco-nut oil.

Reorganized in 1907 the colonial office consists of three chief departments: (I) the Dominions Department, dealing with the affairs of the self-governing over-sea dominions of the British crown, and of certain other possessions geographically connected with those dominions; (2) the Colonial Department, dealing with the affairs of crown colonies and protectorates; (3) the General Department, dealing with legal, financial and other general business.

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Both passes are short and easy, and connect Cilicia Pedias geographically and politically with Syria rather than with Asia Minor.

Are due to the Diatessaron, which was a geographically Western text.

If the Vryheid district be excluded, the lion and rhinoceros may be added to this list; and the Vryheid district belongs geographically to Zululand.

They state that the term habitat is understood to include everything relating to the factors operative in a geographically defined locality, so far as these factors influence plants (1910: 24); but the exclusion of geographical and historical factors from the concept of the habitat does not appear to be either desirable or logical.

This northern line of barren, broken sandstone hills is geographically no part of the Paropamisus range, from which it is separated by a stretch of sandy upland about 20 m.

The temperature of the air over the Caspian basin is remarkable for its wide range both geographically and seasonally.

Until that date Bagelkhand was under the Bundelkhand agency, with which it is geographically and historically connected; a general description of the country will be found under that heading.