Sentence Examples with the word genre

A great deal has been said by enthusiastic writers about the famille chrysanthemoponienne of Imari and the genre Kakiemon of Nabeshima, but these porcelains, beautiful as they undoubtedly are, cannot be placed on the same level with the kwan-yao and famille rose of the Chinese experts.

Years of devouring that fiction genre helped formulate a world where intrigue crept around every corner for the dapper gentleman.

The play Philotus, a poor example in a genre rarely attempted in the north, is indebted to the south for more than its subject.

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Cloots' main works are: La Certitude des preuves du mahometisme (London, 1780), published under the pseudonym of Ali-GurBer, in answer to Bergier's Certitude des preuves du christianisme; L'Orateur du genre humain, ou Depeches du Prussien Cloots au Prussien Herzberg (Paris, 1791), and La Republique universelle (1792).

Bory de St Vincent, Essai geologique sur le genre humain (1838); G.

In her latest works she went back to her earlier themes of romantic and unchartered love, but the scene is shifted from Berri, which she felt she had exhausted, to other provinces of France, and instead of passionate manifestos we have a gallery of genre pictures treated in the spirit of Francois le champi.

Du Pont's most important works, besides those mentioned above, were his De l'origine et des progres d'une science nouvelle (London and Paris, 1767); Physiocratie, ou constitution naturelle du gouvernement le plus avantageux au genre humain (Paris, 1768); and his Observations sur les effets de la liberte du commerce des grains (1760).