Sentence Examples with the word genome

Fifty years later, the human genome was decoded.

He didn't have genome sequencing.

Second: Everyone who wishes to do so will be able to contribute his genome to a common database.

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The decoding of the corn genome will perhaps help in energy production.

While we have deciphered the genome in that we have written it all down, we aren't at all sure which parts do what, as noted before.

Additionally, we have deciphered the genome of diseases, from SARS to influenza.

Additionally, we will at some point in the not-too-distant future have enough biological understanding of the genome and enough computer horsepower to model complex interactions in the body.

In late 2009, the entire genome of corn was decoded.

As we understand our own genome better, we will know better how to eat in a way that is custom tailored for us.

In 2005, rice became the first crop plant whose complete genome had been compiled.