Sentence Examples with the word genitive

Infixed genitive and accusative: sing.

A It was formerly thought that Gassendi was really the genitive of the Latin form Gassendus.

All tenses of reflexive verbs except the imperative and present participle are formed by prefixing the pronoun which indicates the object to the verb, in the dative or genitive case (abbreviated) as the verb may require; but in the reflexive imperative and present participle the verb precedes the pronoun; e.g.

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And a genitive with prefixed d does not require the governing noun to precede it immediately, as must be the case when the construct is used.

In the order of words, the genitive follows the noun it governs, and, as usual in such cases, the relations of time and place are indicated by prefixes, not by suffixes.

In the order of the sentence the substantive precedes the adjective and the verb stands last; the object and the adverb precede the verb, and the genitive precedes the noun on which it depends - this contrasts with the order in the isolating Chinese, where the order is subject, verb, object.

Ador has no genitive because two rules conflict; for neuters in or have a short penult (e.g.

The earliest form was probably Iveriyo or Iveriyu, genitive Iveryonos, from which come Lat.

Venus, like other names ending in us, ought to have genitive Veni, but, as this might be taken for a verb, it has Veneris.

The order of the genitive in xi.