Sentence Examples with the word genie

Among his minor works may be mentioned: - De la France, de son genie et de ses destinees (1847); Daniel Manin (1860), La Russie et l'Europe (1866); Etudes d'archeologie celtique (1872); Les Napoleon et les frontieres de la France (1874).

Trans., President Jefferson, 1811); Essai sur le genie et les ouvrages de Montesquieu (1808).

He's a genie offering a bottle with a flying carpet tossed in.

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Fabricii et de genie Fabriciorum; see also F.

Chateaubriand quoted three or four passages in his Genie du christianisme.

The Romantic movement helped, with its idealization of a past but vaguely realized and imperfectly understood, and Chateaubriand heralded in the Catholic reaction with his Genie du Christianisme (1801) a brilliant if superficial attack on the encyclopaedists and their neo-Paganism, and a glorification of the Christian Church as supreme not only in the regions of faith and morals, but also in those of intellect and art.

He received his training as an engineer at Mezieres, becoming an officer of the Corps de Genie in 1773 and a captain ten years later.

In 1839 he was appointed professor of foreign literature at Lyons, where he began the brilliant course of lectures afterwards embodied in the Two years later he was transferred to the College de France, and the Genie des religions itself appeared (1842) .

He published his Genie de l'Homme in 1807, and in 1820 his Etudes poetiques, which had the misfortune to appear shortly after the Meditations of Lamartine, so that the author did not receive the credit of their real originality.