Sentence Examples with the word geniality

The force of his intellect renders this want of geniality repulsive.

The praise of the fair sex in the first poem is exceptional in the literature of his age; and its geniality may help us to understand the author's popularity with his contemporaries.

Further he had an engaging geniality of manner and much tact in dealing with men.

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But he could persevere in an astute policy under the cover of an easy geniality and had no scruples.

In spite of the bulk of the evidence being in favour of geniality of climate, it is necessary to observe that certain deposits have been recognized as glacial; in the culm of the Frankenwald, in the coal basins of central France, and in central England, certain conglomeratic beds have been assigned, somewhat doubtfully, to this origin.

But we find no trace of the exuberant comic power and geniality of his great contemporary.