Sentence Examples with the word genial

Nowhere in Algeria can be found more genial temperature or clearer skies, and while in summer the thermometer often registers 1 io F.

He also was well acquainted with Greek philosophy, and took a genial view of it; but he was not nearly so widely read as Clement.

He was a genial companion, frank and outspoken, and a good man of business.

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The new influence of patronage, which in other times has chilled the genial current of literature, become, in the person of Maecenas, the medium through which literature and the imperial policy were brought into union.

His learning, genial disposition, and conversational powers won him the favor of Henry III.

There was nothing about him, as there was afterwards about Michelangelo, dark-tempered, secret or morose; he was open and genial with all men.

Its pure white or rose-red blossoms, heralding the first approach of genial weather, are regarded with special favor and are accounted the symbol of unassuming hardihood.

Each rounded lobe of the vegetable leaf, too, is a thick and now loitering drop, larger or smaller; the lobes are the fingers of the leaf; and as many lobes as it has, in so many directions it tends to flow, and more heat or other genial influences would have caused it to flow yet farther.

He met with incredible discouragement and dangers at first, which he overcame by his strong faith, determination and genial humour.

But, when the disestablished communion had to be reconstituted under the greatest difficulties, it was found of the highest importance that the occupant of his position should be a man of a liberal and genial spirit.