Sentence Examples with the word genevan

The Heidelberg Catechism, set forth by order of the elector, is perhaps the most widely accepted symbol of the Calvinistic faith, and is noteworthy for its emphasis on the less controversial aspects of the Genevan theology.

In 1576 the New Testament of the Genevan Bible was again revised by Lawrence Tomson and provided with a new commentary mainly translated from Beza.

But in the homes the Genevan version still maintained its supremacy.

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The changes introduced by the Genevan translators were, as a rule, a great improvement, and the version received a ready welcome and immediate popularity, not only on account of its intrinsic merits, but because of its handy size, usually that of a small quarto, and of its being printed, like Whittingham's New Testament, in a readable Roman type instead of black letter.

The kirk Presbyterian was founded on the Genevan model, and was intended to be a theocracy.

Calvin, on his way to Basel for a life of study, touched at Geneva, and by the importunity of Farel was there detained to become the leader of the Genevan Reformation.

He published in 1618-1620 (2 vols.) a defence of the Genevan translation of the Bible, Eine Verteidigung der genfer Bibeliibersetzung (Defense de la fidelite des traductions de la Bible faites a Geneve), against P. Cotton's Geneve plagiaire.

The popularity of the Genevan Bible was so great that between 1560 and 1644 at least 140 editions of it were published,' and this in spite of its not being allowed for use in the churches.

Lyndsay in the midst of passages in Scots quotes directly from the Genevan version.

Some time after the accession of Queen Elizabeth an attempt was made to improve the authorized Great Bible, and in this way to challenge the ever growing popularity of the Calvinistic Genevan Bible.