Sentence Examples with the word genetically

This is the case on genetically modified crops and many other issues where passions run high.

There was no intel report on how the PMF had acquired the technology needed to create the genetically altered soldiers that stood before her.

At the same time, with the rise of ideas as to a future life and spiritual beings, this field of mythology is immensely widened, though it cannot be said that a rich mythology is necessarily genetically associated with or combined with belief in many spiritual beings.

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The communications screen lit up one wall, displaying one of the genetically altered women in the elite special operations security team.

A genetically engineered tree that converts sunlight into fuel and then pumps the fuel through its roots to where it is needed.

Although we have been genetically modifying them for a few thousand years (keeping any useful mutations that pop up and growing from those the next season), they are still bound by their limited genetic potential.

Whether you are for the organic food movement or against it, for genetically modified crops or against them, for corporate farms or seed banks or raw food or anything else, is influenced significantly by your larger view of politics.

In Africa, most genetically engineered crops that could grow well there are not welcome.

She had no micro, no genetically engineered body or weapons to fight off anything that came at them.

Therefore, it seems to be, with our present knowledge, a hopeless task to analyse the branchial organs of Arthropoda and to identify them genetically in groups.