Sentence Examples with the word genetic

By looking at how the genome varies between people with a genetic condition and people without it, we can identify the troublemaking gene.

Among the ammonites of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods types occur which in their external appearance so closely resemble each other that they could be taken for members of a single series, and not infrequently have been taken for species of the same genus and even for the same species; but their early stages of development and, in fact, their entire individual history prove them to be distinct and not infrequently to belong to widely separated genetic series.

The tests I did with your blood came back promising, but I can't nail down the right genetic code.

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This, however, is not the character to which we now ascribe the chief weight as evidence of the genetic affinity and monophyletic (uni-ancestral) origin of the Chaetopods, Rotifers and Arthropods.

It will come about through sensors, genetic engineering, better information, better communication, and precision farming.

Paul similarly demonstrated genetic series of Paludina (Vivipara) in the Pliocene lakes of Slavonia (1875).

The; line which, winding round an axis either to the right or to the left, passes through the points of insertion of all the leaves on the axis is termed the genetic or generating spiral; and that margin of each leaf which is towards the direction from which the spiral proceeds is the kathodic side, the other margin facing the point whither the spiral passes being the anodic side.

Now you have this magnificent piece of knowledge: For people who have a certain genetic marker, this radish pesticide ingredient will cure skin cancer.

This study of direct genetic series marked another great advance, and became possible in invertebrate palaeontology long before it was introduced among the vertebrates.

These pits serve to indicate the genetic relationship of adjacent cells, when they form a compact pesudo-parenchyma, notwithstanding the fact that somewhat smaller secondary pits appear later between any contiguous cells.